Y3DF- Bad Boss Chapter 02

It has just been released direct from the studios Y3DF, “Bad Boss” a series of fights with moments of sex and incest between mother and children and between father and daughter. It all begins when the tarnished father-in-law is going to pay a visit to his hot daughter; Daddy wants to fuck her daughter’s pussy like he did when her daughter was still single…

It all begins when Richard’s horn is waiting for his manager to dinner, and, hoping to get a promotion, takes the kids home to get it right. It turns out that after drinking too much, Richard finishes up sleeping, leaving only his cute wifey Jasmine to “pay attention” to his manager. After all that happened, Jasmine is very worried about her son-in-law. The two end up being alone at home again, and the boy tells her that they need to have hookup in front of the cam, so Lukas manager will see them again. Is this true? or will the son-in-law of a slut take advantage of the situation to nail mother’s vagina again? Jasmine leaves Billy at home and goes to a pharmacy as she remains worried about everything that has happened. Billy’s weird, but come on in. Upon injecting, he notices that something happened there, as he finds his dad and his manager, both just in their lingerie, sleeping on the bed in the living apartment. After a lengthy night of hookup and sex, everyone is leisurely waking up. It’s a very unusual mood in the building, and Lukas finds a way out, with the excuse of taking his manager to work. Jasmine is afraid of being alone at home with her son-in-law of a slut, and leaves home too, to pick up her sis at the airport. Saundra and Billy will be alone at home until they all comeback. Now it’s time for father to nail his teenager’s daughter-in-law’s vagina and butt. The nympho mom Jasmine comebacks with her sis Helen and her niece Zoe. Billy and Saundra still have a lot to chat about everything going on in the building. The next day, Lukas will wake up the ladies, who slept together, and, upon injecting the apartment, watches those two tiny ladies sleeping. Of course he will not be able to fight back.

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