Squirter Girl

Definitely a true story.

The daughter of a close friend of mine is a very shy, sweet woman. Petite, Long hair and DD chest. She explained that since she was a small girl they didn’t have to be that big to be DD. Beautiful tits..
Through necessity I ended up at her house helping with a fence and a couple other things.Eventually we were talking on the couch, then making out. She is a passionate kisser! It was worth it just for the kissing. She always wore tank
tops and no bra. Those unbelievable tits just begged to be freed. Nuzzling her chest with my face I pulled up her top and found that they were long beautiful beauties. The most erotic tits I’ve ever known. Spent hours licking and
sucking them. The first time I laid my cock between them she said ” Oh boy!” and I titty fucked her like a man possessed. Fucking heaven! Maybe it was the hours of making out on the couch licking and sucking her tits that lead to getting naked on the couch and playing.. She loved stroking my cock. Got me aroused to the maximum. She seemed transfixed by the size. I soon realized that she had a Barbie sized pussy. This might be trouble.

In the midst of all the sexual heat she leaned back on the couch and spread her legs. I hung my cock close to her pussy so she could use it as a sex toy on herself.. She was really rpreoccupied with the size and really wanted to see if it would fit. We went very slow. After just a little playing she got the tip inside her. I just held it there. We both stared at my cock just inside her body. “That’s not all going to fit.” She said. Gleefully. We went super slow. It wasn’t that she was super tight. It may have been along time. She is a small woman but her body took the full length and girth of my shaft. Once completely inside her I just held it there. Letting her feel it. Her boody had been tense. I just kept it fully inside her till she relaxed. We talked about something .. Her voice tense. Waiting for her to relax. She just stared down at the throbbing cock inside her. I wanted her to relax. But I couldn’t really kiss her right then – it would probably make me cum. Cant’ have that, lots to do! It took quite a while . I was super aroused (which didn’t help) and it was easy to stay herd inside her without moving. Wanted her to relax. Started groping her tits and squeezing them, She orgasmed right away. Her pussy squeezed down on me like a strong fist. She has amazing pussy control. Just kept squeezing and playing with her tits while she lost her mind in pleasure. Must have been 20 or 30 minutes. Alternating between spasms and extreme grip on my cock. I didn’t move once.

Finally she relaxed and collapsed. I waited a minute then pulled out very slowly. There was no need to rush this one. It was unbelieveable and we hadn’t done much yet!

It’s difficult to remember anything else from that might. There were months that followed.. The shy small woman held a secret she was ashamed of. She had no idea it was a complete turn on to me.
Once I was able to actually move my cock inside her she squirted all over me. We got a couple towels. More squirting. Sh apologized. I assured her there was no need to apologize. I LOVE squirters. To show her how much I went down on her and begged her to squirt on my face. She watched as I licked and sucked her pussy while she showered me. She watched intently as I’d suck her pussy. Squirting into my mouth. After that she never worried about it.

It became a challenge for me to see if I could fuck her till she stopped quirting. We could fuck to exhaustion but she would always still be able to squirt. We would trash the bed every night and have to change the sheets tbefore sleep.

Her body was small enough that I could pick her up with my cock inside her. Sometimes just to take her from bottom to top. She loved it! We had truely amazing sex. We fucked like a****ls for months. All the while keeping it secret from her parents who are close friends of mine. When we all happened to go to dinner together she told me afterward that she got soaking wet at the restaurant just sitting there.

If we were alone we were having sex. Even if I was just hanging out at her place or simply walked in the door. She was always anting sex. Every minute. She wanted my cock out and in her hand right away. I turned her on to using coconut oil between her tits.. She loved having my cock between her tits almost as much as I loved it. She loved seeing her tits and body being played with. We put a mirror at the head of the bed and against the wall in the living room so she could watch herself being fucked doggy style. I would fuck her HARD. On some women I can hit bottom. With her there was no bottom, just a vice tight pussy that would clamp dowm on me often. I’d stop thrusting when she orgasmed and squeezed super tight. She would tell me that the feel of my super rigid cock inside her while she came made her cum even harder.

Loved her long tits. Had never seen wonderful big long tits like that before. they were highly erotic. She would hold them in her hands and watch me work my cock between them. As she would watch I’d tip the head to move toward her face. She said she didn’t give blow jobs because her mouth was just too small. BUt eventually she would take the head in her mouth while I was fucking her tits. I’d tell her if I was going to cum and she’d have me cum all over her tits. I never did get to cum in her mouth. She was super turned on to get cum on her tits..

The sex was insane. It’s really all we did. Eventually she learned my secret.

She was wonderful at saying the right things during sex. She would describe what she liked about what we were doing in a way that made me want to fuck her harder.

Like every day we would fuck to exhaustion, nap, and wake up and fuck again. Or fuck, go down on her, fuck again. I was insanely horny every day. We fueled insane lust. While fucking I came inside her. Didn’t want to. I was super horny and upset at myself for cumming in her. Didn’t tell her and went down on her. Lapped and licked and sucked on her pussy while she moaned in extreme pleasure. My face wet with cum I mounted her again and fucked her like an a****l. Cumming a second time. Collapsed on her and rubbed my wet face on her tits.. She held her tits and asked me to lick them. She got extremely turned on.
“Bad boy.” she said. As we rested she asked “Have you ever tasted your own cum before?”.
“Sure, plenty of times.”
“Do you like it?”
That must be a rhetorical question I thought. I’m sure she would get turned on hearing me say it.
“Yeah. I do. I’d really like it if you climbed on my face after sex. No matter how tired I am.”
“Yeah. I could do that.” she said.

That progressed to licking cum off her tits and sometimes off her pussy if I could manage to pull out. I would wrap my hand around my cock when I got close so I’d not cum too deeply. Wanted to! But it was really fun play. I’d cum inside so hard it hurt.. Then she’s eagerly climb around and up on my face… squirting in my as and I sucked on her pussy. Drenching my head till I’d pull her body down so she’d squirt in my mouth instead. Many times the cum would just pore down my chin and neck.

Fucking her small body was a dream. To this day I get aroused at the thought of sex with a smaller woman.

Eventually I had to start a new job and get a house. I didn’t have the time to be at her house. We eventually just let it be that time we had sex for 4 months.

Thoughts of sex with her still linger. I send her notes once in a while Hoping for another chance.