This is a true story and one that became my main wanking fantasy.I’m 49 now and so this was 35years ago
I used to babysit for carol my mums friend, one day I was in carols kitchen with my mum ,they were chatting and I was just there ,the talk got onto videos which were a new thing then suddenly carol said that Steve had also got a couple of blue films and looked up at a small cupboard high up in the kitchen basically telling me where to look,although she hadn’t took her stare away from my mum,I acted as though I was not really taking much notice but my mind was spinning with dirty thoughts involving wanking my cock in front of carol as she knelt and encouraged me ,talking about how much she enjoyed watching me spunk all over her,this became one of my wanking fantasy,sstill in use to this day,but back to the story,the following weekend I had to babysit and arrived and acted as about 9 the k**s were fast asleep and I climbed up to look into the cupboard I was trembling with excitement and couldn’t believe it when I found two tapes just where carol had said they would be,I quickly put on the video and watched my first porno ,it was called bum fuckers and I soon had my cock out and wanked myself as quick as possible I soon cum ,shooting big globs over the carpet,I put the tape back and cleaned up and went back to watching TV for the rest of the evening.when they came home I put on my coat and said goodnight, carol said goodnight and I hurried home to continue wanking .
I have always thought that carol was telling me indirectly where to find the tapes she must have known that I would have wanked over them,ihope she played with her wet pussy thinking of me kneltin front of the TV wanking furiously over bum fuckers
.another fantasy involves me and my best friend at the time Darren ,we both wank while we watch pornos and in the fantasy we start wanking and sucking each others cocks then we find 2,big bags of ladies clothes that Darren’s mum,s friend had left for a jumble is full of sexy clothes ,skirts dresses,and loads of pairs of tights,some new some used,we both love dressing like a couple of dirty sluts and we fuck our arseholes with our hard cocks and find all sorts of objects that we push up our bums and begin to increase the size of objects used till both of us can easily take each others fists ,then we kiss and fist dressed as girls and tell one and other how hot we look and getting covered in spunk all over our faces and eating it up like naughty sluts .we begin to plan a scenario where we get my younger sister,Sally to join in our sex games by blackmail or willingly helping her frustrated brother overcome his shyness with girls,I know that sally really fancies Darren and tell her that I will arrange a date for her and Darren.she readily says shed love a date with Darren but worried she was too young Darren was 16 I was 14 and she was 12,but already had bit tits and a small black bush of hair which I secretly looked at when she was in the bath and I pretended to use the toilet.many years previous sally about 6 me 8 a group of. Boys all my age had persuaded sally to show us her pussy which she did ,I remember getting a hard on and wanting to lick her bald cunt but I just done as the other k**s and looked at this cute slit that Sally opened with her fingers to allow a clearer view ,now 6 yes later I asks ed her if she remembered it ,she blushed and shyly said of course.and that she had felt very tingly all over and that her little cunt had became very wet and sticky.putting the plan into motion I asked her if she would show me and Darren sometime, when sheasked ,?squirming on her cute bum and looking very hot and sweaty ,tomorrow maybe I said and she said okey but only you and Darren now my cock was about ready to start pumping spunk into my pants ,to prevent this I stretched my legs out and took hold of my cock to position it ,god Almighty she as I’d your willylook s huge and then to my amazement she asked to see it cause she hadn’t seen areal one I took my pants off and it as prung and bobbed up and down like a steel ruler as I looked at this big cock with pride and joy sallyknelt besides me and her hand took it and held it slowly she moved her hand up and down my cock and said in a hushed tone ,`mm mm `is Darren’s as nice as mine ,ye just about ,we always wank ourselfs silly when we are you sally said her up and asked would we wank when she wAsthere,do u wan
Swt us to. Yes please she wanted to tell her. Classmates about her sexual know how ,Sally pushed out her big tits and said I could.look at them I pulled her nipples and kissed them before I stood up and placed m to leaking cock between them push your tits together sal ,she did and I proceeded to fuck them within minutes I gasped and shuddered before almost 10 big squirts of .y hot cum covered her face and tits and I forced my cock into her mouth and slid it down her throat holding her .head and pumping the last drops into her belly without saying a word she began scooping my.Spunk up and greedily lickingit uptastesnice ashhe said kissing. E goodnight.